Enter the World of Creativity with Wizpick Felting Needles  



...colour coded with the globally recognised color code system.

Felting needles are barbed needles that felt and condense wool or other fibres when repeatedly jabbed into the fibre. Felting needles were developed for industrial machines to manufacture "non woven" textiles like car carpets.
The creative hand felter uses them with wool roving to  magically visualise ideas.

        WIZPICK felting needles color coded

We are the European distributor of WIZPICK hand felting needles with the unique globally recognised color code system. Felting needles that are easy to identify and easily quoted in  instructions bring the world of creativity closer. The advanced felter will apreciate these tools.

We offer a range of 16 different  felting needles. The more you develope your skills, the more you will fall in love with these needles.
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color coded felting needles